Pearland Parvo Recovery Center is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that provides low-cost, high-quality treatment to dogs and puppies affected by Parvo.

Few diseases strike as much fear in the heart of animal shelters and rescues as Parvo. An acute and highly contagious virus, Parvo can affect all dogs but is most likely to infect unvaccinated dogs and puppies younger than four months – the animals that are most likely to end up in shelters. Without treatment, the mortality rate for Parvo is as high as 90%. With proper treatment that rate drops significantly, but treatment can be expensive, lengthy and beyond the means of underfunded, overcrowded shelters and rescues. As a result, it’s not uncommon for shelters to not only euthanize dogs displaying symptoms but to euthanize symptom-free dogs that may have been exposed to the virus – all in an effort to prevent the disease from spreading to healthy animals.

Pearland Parvo Recovery Center (PPRC) was founded in August 2019 by six animal rescue volunteers with over 56 years of combined experience in fostering dogs and puppies from animal shelters in the greater Houston area. After years of witnessing first-hand the toll that this virus took on shelters and rescues – in terms of both costs and lives lost – they decided to do something about it.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to legal constraints and liability issues, PPRC can only accept dogs from rescue organizations or animal shelters. We cannot currently accept privately-owned pets or dogs from individuals not affiliated with a rescue. As a non-profit, our ability to continue treating parvo-affected or exposed dogs is contingent upon our ability to promptly return these dogs to their rescues once treatment has been completed. We do not currently have the space, personnel or financial resources to provide long-term boarding or handle adoption arrangements.

Contact Phone: 832-736-0852